Author Book Signing Fun

The Author Book Signing at the Bloomer Public Library today, December 10, was really fun and interesting getting to meet several area authors. I even got my picture taken with Kathryn Springer and Jenny Sargent-Blaisdel. (My 30 seconds without a mask during the whole event) Yes, those are llamas on my top.

Author Book Signing participants Kathryn Springer, Jenny Sargent-Blaisdel, and Meagan Myhren-Bennett.

Kathyrn gave some great advice to first-time book-signing authors!

Find us all online at

I had fun interacting with the different people who came up and asked me about my books. The nerves before were the biggest issue. But I had fun setting up my table. I had this pretty fabric red-and-black plaid with white snowflakes all over it that made the perfect “tablecloth” that had a wintery feel to it. Appropriate as it was snowing today.

Anyone who couldn’t make it but wants a signed copy, please email me a copy of your receipt, and I can mail you an autographed sticker to put in your book. Email me at

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