Happy Holidays Reader’s Bundle sale extended!

What happens when authors and content creators get together?

An amazing mashup of products specifically for people who love reading & books! And most of the products have a holiday theme!

http://chellespreciousprintables.com/cpp-amember1/aff/go/meggie96?i=6 *

Happy Holidays Reader's Bundle items

There are 22 products, including audiobooks, digital planners and journals, printable bookmarks, bookplates, board games, Bible songs, & goal planners. There’s something for everyone!

You can have all of this for only $27!*

List of contributors to Happy Holidays Reader's Bundle

Learn more about the bundle and purchase at http://chellespreciousprintables.com/cpp-amember1/aff/go/meggie96?i=6 *

*Affiliate link

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